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A full-service SEO business

Utilize your PRIMEMAX DIGITAL SEO campaign whenever you need to position your website among the top search results. Customers in Pakistan will be satisfied with our effective SEO services. With crucial qualities like ground-breaking outcomes and technical know-how, we are able to provide the most optimized Google search results.

We provide consumers with the appropriate set of data aggregated from tens of thousands of websites, all of which have readily accessible high-quality material. As the top-ranked SEO company in Pakistan, PRIMEMAX DIGITAL is skilled at making your website load quickly enough to appear among the top results. For additional details, get in touch with us, and let’s start ranking your company.

Our SEO Services Company's Procedure

To ensure that search engines can efficiently crawl your website, our SEO and website audit professionals assess its essential components. We identify every on-page problem and develop appropriate solutions. We hope to provide you with a thorough website audit for future development.

It’s a no brainer that your business needs to be online on Google and other search engine, and the need for SEO services to get you there is imperative. Why?

  1. SEO industry is worth over $80 billion. Why stay behind when your competitors are spending billions on SEO?
  2. SEO can drive up to 14.6% conversion rate
  3. 93% of searches are being done online on search engines as we speak
  4. Mobile searches for “where to buy” + “near me” have grown over 200%. You need a mobile optimized website
  5. 61% of Google searches are done via mobile devices
  6. Websites ranking in top 5 gets 77% of all the search clicks between them
  7. 16-20% of yearly searches on Google are new. Making it the biggest place to get new customers and retain the old ones
  8. 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC
  9. Google has almost 85% of search engine user market & PRIMEMAX also covers other search engines so you get a complete 100%
  10. Near me searches have increased more than 200% in recent times.
  11. Organic traffic costs you zero on advertisement.

With years of excellence and expertise in SEO, we have trained SEO experts who not only know the ins and outs of the industries in Pakistan but are also aware of the international market and their SEO standards. There are countless examples of successful client stories as the word of our clients are enough testimony for our Reliable SEO services company in Pakistan.

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In order to enable the main aesthetics and content placement for maximum impact, on-page SEO services are an essential component.

Keyword research

At Primemax Digital, we recognize the importance of comprehensive keyword research in driving organic traffic and improving SEO rankings for our clients.

Reporting KPI

You will receive thorough KPI reports from our local SEO services .Our team focuses on tracking relevant KPIs that align with your business goals

Creation of Content

To achieve the best results, our SEO strategy places a heavy emphasis on the creation of high-quality content.

Upkeep of the website

Considering our ongoing SEO action plans, we believe we are the best SEO service, provider.


People First

Nothing beats a great customer support and caring for your clients. At PRIMEMAX we live into our values of providing excellent solutions. You wont find us just delivering the committed deliverables every month, but you’ll find us giving you SEO suggestions and helping your business grow.

Data Driven

You won’t find us making idle promises or promising you the world. Our SEO agency believes in facts, figures, data, analysis and trends. You will find us talking about realistic targets in realistic timeframe, processing vast amounts of data acquired through different tools

Sales & ROI Driven Approach

Keywords ranking and increasing online traffic through on page and off page SEO is one thing. But we don’t measure success of any campaign just by these metrics, to us any SEO campaign is only successful if it provides you a multiplying ROI and sales.


We believe in creating trust through transparency. No manipulation of data, no hiding behind smoke. We provide complete information and areas of improvement with complete honesty. Everything will be communicated transparently with the aim of enhancing performance.


LSI Keyword Research

We research different semantics to better adjust the keywords into your content and enhance the intention of the content to rank better.

Industry Analysis

We will do a complete analysis of the specific industry you are working in so that we can formulate a custom SEO strategy for your website.

Existing Content Optimization

We will check the existing content on your website for plagiarism and do a complete audit. We will optimize the existing content as per the hummingbird RankBrain and BERT update and ofcourse make it SEO-friendly. All these updates are going to affect 95% of the web content

Google My Business Optimization

We optimize your business profile on Google to rank you in the local pack and make your local business visible to your local audience.

Off-Page Optimization

We will optimize your backlinks profile by checking your existing backlinks and your competitor’s backlinks to plan out a custom off-page strategy that will boost your rankings.

Evolving The Strategy

We at Primemax are always up to date with new trends of Google and Google updates. We are constantly evolving our strategy and our ways so that your business can reach its maximum potential.

search engine optimization


The search engines and the market trends are ever-evolving. To be on the top of the search engine in your specific industry, you need a process and a method that can help you achieve your goals of ranking higher and getting sales. Only a reliable SEO company can help you increase your online presence on search engines.

Our SEO Agency in Pakistan is heavily focused on search engine optimization and we provide the best solution to your every problem related to ranking higher, increasing organic traffic, and getting leads. We use a method called “Flexible SEO”, which allows us to lay out an SEO campaign that is tailored to your brand needs and provides utmost value to your business in the long run.


PRIMEMAX’s Flexible SEO method is built on some specific steps which ensure that the structure of the SEO campaign is laid strong. The steps are as follows:


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Once you have signed up with Primemax’s SEO services, we will spend some time doing the complete research of your business niche and understanding your goals. During this phase, we will hold a kick-start meeting with all your project stakeholders and determine what will be the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your project. After doing this, we will have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and our strategy can then be tailored accordingly.
Once we reach the second phase, we begin to analyze your website’s previous history of the overall traffic, organic keywords, and backlinks. We collect relevant data from the competitor’s backlinks and the keywords that they are ranking on so that we can understand their strategy. We utilize the premium SEO tools, Google Analytics and Webmaster to analyze and formulate a custom approach towards your SEO that can bring you long-lasting results.
Once we have identified where you are lacking behind in marketing your business, we will lay out a custom SEO marketing plan (SMP) after working closely with you. The strategy will be tailored to improve your rankings which will, in turn, bring you organic leads. In the first 30-60 days, our SEO specialists will work on the most critical on-page factors first to ensure that a good base for our SEO campaign is setup properly.
When we reach this phase, we start executing on the SMP (SEO Marketing Plan) laid out in the previous phase. We start optimizing your website’s on-page by correcting the site structure of your website, optimizing the existing web content by infusing the targeted keywords into the content, setting up meta tags. We also leverage Social Media Marketing and do community marketing on different platforms to enhance your online presence on search engines.
When you start working with SEOHUB, the first thing we do is completely set up the tracking system on your website by integrating Google Analytics and Google Search console. By doing that we can analyze the results of our online SEO campaign like organic traffic, click-through rate, and the number of leads. We implement events tracking, goal tracking, and Enhanced E-commerce tracking to find out how many inquiries you are getting and from which source you are getting the leads.
At the end of every month, our SEO specialists will collaborate with our Project Managers to design a comprehensive monthly report which provides an overview of all the KPIs (key performance indicators) like organic traffic, keywords ranking, and inquiries that we have achieved with our online SEO campaign. Not just that, our Project Managers will be there for providing customer support and will remain in touch with you every month to keep you updated on the progress.
search engine optimization


The first most important part of any SEO campaign is to conduct a whole in depth website audit. Our SEO agency has a very strict guideline to follow when conducting a website audit, our SEO services are incomplete without a proper audit. Below are the steps we follow to carry out a thorough audit that helps us understand the current condition of the website and how to plan a SEO campaign for your website.

We first conduct a technical audit of the website to check the website’s searchability on the search engines that includes checking if the website is indexed properly on Google, if there are any irrelevant links indexed, if any pages indexed are returning 404 error. We also check the robots file in order to identify if the crawler is blocked from any page on the website. Moving forward we make sure that the sitemap is correctly added on the website.

The second phase of our technical audit starts here where we check the speed of the website and other related things such as JS and CSS files if they are minified or not if the website has too much inline CSS. Our goal is to check if the website is producing the desired speed on mobile devices and desktops? It’s crucially important for the websites to meet the core web vitals test, as the major core update of Google has affected many websites in terms of ranking on SERPs.

We then move on to check the overall structure of the website. That will include auditing the design structure, if its user friendly and as per the guidelines provided by search engines, how the pages are being displayed, how easy is the navigation on the website. We then check the URL structure on the website. All URLs need to be SEO friendly in order to rank above competitors. They should contain real words and allow crawlers to crawl website easily just based on your URL alone

Once we have done all the technical checks, we move on to check how the website is performing in terms of on page SEO. How well are the meta titles and descriptions optimized? The heading hierarchy in the content, how good is the usage of H tags in the content. How well are the keywords distributed, are they supported with the use of long-tailed keywords, synonyms and LSI keywords? Is the content providing the correct intent and value to the targeted audience? Most importantly we also check if the content is plagiarized or not?

After checking the content we further go deep with the keyword usage test. We check in detail if the keywords are stuffed or used with relevancy and are they creating the intent they are meant for? We further check if the keywords in the content are properly internally linked to relevant pages. Internal linking is extremely important to further enhance the navigation on the website and create a proper information structure. We check every web content and blog content, product description to find opportunity to enhance the on page SEO.

We further check the backlink profile of the website, how strong are the links and are they creating relevancy? We use different tools to check the spam score of the backlinks. Its important to check if the links pointing to your website are powerful and more importantly healthy for your website. Bad & questionable links will hurt the SEO of your website rather than improve it.


Improve The Quality Of Content

Again content, that shows our attention to most important part of SEO. Content is always king, but not only that, we work extensively to optimize the content and improve its quality so Google ranks it at the very top.

Improve the page experience & bounce rate of the website

One major factor that hurts your web page rankings is the bad page experience of the website. It’s not about how you want it, but how your customers and users want your web page.

Resolving technical & indexation issues

Before moving on with the SEO of your website, we check all your URLs, if they are indexable or if they are blocked from being crawled. We check your robots file and optimize it, we create your sitemap and submit it to Google.

Creating a proper linking structure

We make sure everything on your website that you are offering to your customers is complete with all the information.


PRIMEMAX has helped a lot of businesses of different niches in Karachi Lahore Islamabad to grow exponentially and get sales. Two vital things that are very important to us, building relationships and giving the results. We believe in providing the utmost value to you by staying on our commitment and making sure that we achieve the results that you expect from us.

Still not convinced that we are the right company for you? Feel free to check our SEO packages or contact us directly. We’d be happy to answer all the questions you may have about our SEO services in Pakistan. We are providing expert SEO services for business in Karachi.

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Usama Shaikh
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"Thanks, Primemax Digital for ranking my website on the 1st page of Google in a short span of time. You delivered results as per the commitment. satisfied with their marketing strategies."
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Urooba siddique
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Extremely professional and dedicated staff, a healthy and positive, and disciplined environment to work in, caring and encouraging management, and great work ethics.
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Emilia Clarke
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Very good IT company. They provide excellent services and good management of work done by staff within a reasonable time.
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Taha Zaidi
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PrimeMax Digital not only developed a visually stunning website for us but also implemented effective SEO strategies that significantly boosted our online visibility. Their dedication to delivering excellence and driving results was evident in every step of the process.